Meet Heather Palacios

Heather is married to Raul Palacios and together they are on staff at Church by the Glades where Raul serves as the executive pastor and Heather serves on the creative and communication teams. Heather is a graduate of Judson University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. She is also founder of "WondHerful,” a ministry dedicated to brain health and suicide extinction through blog posts (, social media posts and an eclectic speaking circuit that includes churches, businesses, prisons, police stations, schools, halfway houses, psychiatric wards. She is also certified in Mental Health First Aid. Heather is a multiple suicide-attempt survivor and believes that if you wake up breathing, that's your proof to keep going! Her life verse is Psalms 118:17, “I will live and not die, and I will tell what the Lord has done.”

Connect with Heather


Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @Wondherful

Facebook: /HeatherFunkPalacios

Youtube: /WondHerful1

Workshop Cost


Once Upon A Mind Workshop

This Workshop focuses on people in the Bible with bad mental chapters, but good story endings.

For this series, we will examine four biographies of people in the Bible and answer six simple questions for each of them:

1. Where is it in the Bible

2. What is their mental affliction

3. What they didn’t or did have

4. What they didn’t or did do

5. What God did

6. What I learned

With this Once Upon A Mind series, my hope is that we walk away with an untouchable truth etched on the canvases of our minds: we don’t give up if we have bad mental chapters, because with God, our stories don't have bad endings.